• Printing


    Artwork and decoration on the packaging speaks alot about the product inside. We offer silk screen printing, heat-transfer printing and hot stampingon most of our bottles and jars. On tubes, we can do offset printing, silk screen and hot stamping. The number of colors (passes) that can be done vary on each container.Generally,we will provide you with a die line so that your artwork designer has something to start with.

  • Private Mold


    Already an expert in the packaging field? Just give us your design and we will make the mold for you. Novice to this field but have creative ideas? Tellus what you want and we will make it technically possible.

    Whether it is a complete packaging you are creating or just a closure to dress up your existing container, we provide technical and 3-D drawingsfor your private molds. Depending on your needs, we can also suggest the material to use for your paackaging. We make private-molded packaging for your unique design and we protect your (or both of ours) intellectual property.

    We will never use your private mold for other clients. Unless we get your consent, your privately-molded container will not show on our website or any other literature. Call or email us and we will appoint a specialist for your specific project.

  • Customization


    Presentation is the key, and we understand that profoundly. The same container with different color and finishes will lok unique to your brand.For all of our customizable packaging, we offer various methods of extra processing. They include but are not limited to:metalizing, anodizing, outer sprays, inner sprays and in mold color.We can even color match your swatch.

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